Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doing Research

I was doing research for a client of mine and I ended up on the rabbit trail that is YouTube and I started watching commercials for cycling and the Tour De France. You may hate this event, but you have LOVE the commercials because they are so hilarious. They marry everything you might love about advertising because they tend to speak to the universal since cycling is not especially loved in the US, they are pretty quirky but at the same time very patriotic when they use Lance Armstrong as the spokesman.
Watch them. Love them. Sorry if you hate the Tour. I am a little angry we are not going this summer since Lance and Floyd Landis are returning this summer. It is going to be quite the battle. Get ready people! Only five months!

This one made me cry and got me started...I can't wait until Asher can ride a big boy bike.

This just got me fired up for the race-Notice-hardly ANY voice over and the same music.

I seriously hope he has only been on his bike.

"I am a HUMAN CANON BALLER not a doctor"

The most kick-a** ad that makes you want to I don't know what...

And I am pretty sure we are going to recommend that our client "Kill the Coward Within"

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