Monday, February 2, 2009

If This is Gonna Be That Kind Of Party...

Last night Matt and I hosted a Super Bowl Party for the Young Life leaders in Asheville and we ended up with about 50-60 people in our house. It was crazy! People were everywhere!

The way to do it though is definitely have a Chili Cookoff so that other people bring the main course-which is what we did. And then we won the Cookoff AGAIN this year. Thanks to our amazing Chili Recipe!

And what else did our Chili produce?
Hannah Williams who was due with her first child February 16 was sitting on our living room floor eating chili when her water broke.

Yep. In the middle of the party.
On our floor.
But, she wasn't quite sure if that was what happened or if she spilled a drink or something, so all of the 20-something leaders started cleaning it up like the nice people they are. And as soon as there was a confirmation that yes, it was in fact AMNIOTIC FLUID people started backing away.

Talk about funny!
So Baby Anna Lewis was born at 6 this morning and in my mind that counters whatever Pawxatuny Phil says and so there is now only four more weeks of winter. The amniotic fluid on my living room floor says so.


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Amy said...

My favorite part was at first when everyone was just standing in a circle around the "unidentified substance" staring at it like it would magically disappear. Such an awesome story. Your floors have certainly taken a beating between red wine and amniotic fluid. I wonder what will come next?

Buffy said...

oh my gracious - that is hysterical. cannot believe that happened!