Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it Springtime Yet?

The snow is finally melting.

The town of Fletcher came by and chipped up the 500 yards of branches that our tree produced today.

We had the National Tree Climbing Champion in 2000 come out to our house and call me "girl" no less than 10 times while telling me that he and his crew would be glad to spend a day at our house cutting down trees sometime next week.

We took my car to the insurance adjuster just in case it was more than just a back windhshield problem that turned into a $3500 body damage issue to my Volvo.

Plus, Asher threw up this morning and didn't get to go to school. Awesome. But I don't think he is sick. I think he just got to much phlegm in his throat and he has my gag reflex and just "let it go".

That gag reflex? It is becoming a mighty weapon AND a mighty tool in his little three year old tool box. He wasn't sick for a MINUTE today. He ran around at full tilt the entire morning.

We watched an episode of Oswald on Noggin called "Big Banana Day" that had so many double meanings that I had to hold myself back from saying "That's what she said!" about 200 times. Seriously. Am I 31 or 12?
(If you want a gift, go ahead and look for it on YouTube. If you able to laugh at the fact that adults do in fact make children's shows and how this passed "the how can we get away with this test"- here it is, the quality stinks, but just listen to the song. You will get it. YouTube

Also, I got the first season of 30 Rock, a fun girly apron, Carabba's gift certificate, a beautiful leather photo album and an itunes gift certificate for my birthday. PLUS money to spend towards a new camera bag. *SQUEELLL*!!!!

All in all, a pretty decent week.
Plus tonight we are celebrating my birthday along with my friend Beth's birthday with a girls night at a chocolate lounge. Good thing I used my good sense this year and didn't give up sweets this year for Lent.

Oh and the best news of the week? Daylight savings time starts again this Saturday! Plus it should be around 70 degrees. Fire up the grill people! It is SPRINGTIME! I mean for Saturday.

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Ed Eubanks said...

Leslie, when it comes to camera bags, DEFINITELY look at a Domke. They are incredible.

They are made by shooters as "photojournalists' bags" which means they are extremely rugged, care for equipment even under difficult circumstances, yet are easy to get in and out of for quick changes of lenses, etc. The only thing even close to them is the f/64 line, which is way more expensive.

In all of my photography work, I've used Domke from fairly early on; I had the standard Tamrac, etc. stuff for the first 10 years or so, and it seemed like everything changed when I switched to Domke. (I had two bags' worth of gear stolen, so I had to replace it all! Including the bags...) The guys at the Camera store where I worked all used Domke, and they suggested it. It was like a night-and-day change. I would never use anything else now.

I've got the F-3X Super Compact and the F-2 Original. (I also have a couple of their messenger bags, and I've had an F-6 Little Bit Smaller Bag and an F-5XB shoulder bag). With the bags I have now, I can carry two digital SLRs, four lenses (I only carry three generally), flash units, a flash bracket, extra memory cards, and tools-- with room to spare-- in the F-2; and a Mamiya 645 medium format body, three lenses, two viewfinders, a flash, and four film inserts in the F-3X.