Friday, March 27, 2009

The Sex Talk

I was catching up on all of the television that we "missed" while we were at the beach and I was watching Friday Night Lights. Matt walked in the room and sat down about 30 minutes into the episode and I caught him up on what had happened and well...he didn't really care.

Then this scene came on and I found myself in a puddle of tears. I mean crying to the point of a migraine later on in the night. Why? Because NO ONE has this conversation with their kids. I was so sad. Sad for my high school friends. Sad for my grown-up friends. Sad for my own past. Sad for the hurts to come in my own kids lives.

You can't avoid it. But, I hope that I have the guts to have the hard conversations with my kids and to love them enough to tell them about how Jesus came to heal the hurt. That you don't have to go through these things alone.

I love this show. Mostly because I think that it is the ONLY thing on television that is really showing what parents are up against with high school kids today. My friends live like I did when I was in college. But they are in high school. They are 14 and 15 years old.

They are ill-equipped to deal with anything but their parents are ill-equipped to have hard conversations and are too afraid to be uncomfortable. Judgemental? Yes. Realistic? More than likely the truth? Unfortunately yes.
I feel badly for the parents that do try to stay involved because they are ostracized as being the "crazy" parents now rather than being the loving parents that people used to look up to. It is a MINEFIELD now.

Anyway. I cried. Hard. Take a look. Draw your own conclusions on what you would have done.
Their 17 year-old daughter was caught having sex with her boyfriend when her dad was sent to pick her up. The punishment for having gotten caught is "having to talk about it."


rawbin said...

oh my goodness. i just had a flash forward to Ruby's future. and i just boo-hooed. how in the world are we going to handle this? our children are going to break our hearts, aren't they?

Rebecca said...

jed and i both cried when we watched it. it is probably the best show on tv. this blog is basically the conversation jed and i had after watching the episode last week.

Buffy said...

I so love this show. Now you see what I mean?!

Natalie said...

While watching this, I too was in a puddle of tears. It was such a real conversation!