Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Lawd, She's Baking Again

It's the Big Man's birthday again.
I mean it only happens once a year. So it's exciting!

When we first got married, I asked him what he wanted and here's what he told me:
"Can you call my Nana and ask her how to make Lemon Glazed Pound Cake?"

Sure thing. We've only been married nine months. I can make a CAKE.
She gladly passed this dadgum recipe on to me because it was breaking her back for years to make this cake for my husband every year on his birthday.

She told me things that you don't hear anymore like,
"leave the butter and eggs out all day until they get to room temperature."
"add the eggs one at a time and then BEAT THEM TO DEATH."
and my favorite
"I like to use a little bit of nearly ALMOST spoiled sour cream, it gives it a bit of extra flavor"

Now the torch has been passed to me.
I would love to give you the recipe, but the Internet doesn't have the ability to capture the hole that his family would throw me into for sharing such a secret. But, if you come near our house on your birthday, I might THINK about making it for you. And wouldn't that be a treat?

A little tip before we dive into the pictures...don't-I REPEAT DON'T EAT THE BATTER. This stuff is so rich that it will ruin your appetite for the final product and you will WANT the final product.
Here is the cake BEFORE glazing.

It's just a ring of goodness waiting to be glazed.

You see the difference a glaze makes? This glaze? The juice of two lemons and 2 cups of powdered sugar. That's all.
BTW: don't look for this recipe in Cooking Light.

You don't even have to glaze the bottom, it just runs right down there and seals the cake to the plate. The plate is a piece of honor too. Matt's grandmother gave it to me. It's the only one that fits under my display cake plate.
You can't buy these things people. They are handed down from generation to generation!

Oh look who wandered into the kitchen to eat the pieces that I cut off so that the cake would lay flat on the plate?
Good timing or a child after her mother's own heart?
It's tastes so good it hurts.

These are the cut-off pieces. Note to the readers, this is how you keep a cake whole.
Let the children eat the little pieces. Also, I had leftover batter and so I baked a little poundcake just for me and Matt to enjoy while it was still warm. Mmmhmm.

Oh, I was just wandering by and ummmm....I thought I would get a little taste...

Here is what I call the "tri-fecta of goodness." A glazed cake, cake cast-offs, the glaze ready to be dipped in. Yum-ola.
The final product. Four hours later. Dishes a plent. My kitchen destroyed. The oven has been on forever. But it is all worth it. Be sure of this, you are not going to find this in a Rachel Ray cookbook and this sure as crap ain't no Betty Crocker cake.
But I am going on vacation tomorrow and the cake is coming with us!


Buffy said...

Ha la la la la!!! Yumm. Nana would be so proud, Leslie!


leslie ruth said...

Oh my, that looks terribly delish.

And I hear you on the throw-you-into-a-hole-if-you-reveal-the-family-recipe thing. Ours is a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Oh yeah, wink and a nod :)

leslie ruth said...

P.S. Where did you get that AWESOME basting brush?

Anonymous said...


Ashby Howard said...

I'm drooling!!

suzy said...

Having a hard time keeping a dry eye on this one Leslie. Thanks for the tribute to Nana.
Happy Birthday Matt!

Anonymous said...

Let me just tell you, I was among the privileged few go get a piece and the narrative and pictures don't BEGIN to tell the story. Just 10-12 extra hours in the gym to pay for eating it!
The RiRi

lesliesloan said...

Thanks for all the comments my peeps! You guys are the best!

Leslie-the basting brush is from KitchenAid, I got it from Tuesday Morning though...who can afford to buy those things at full price?

I hope things went well in you know where...