Thursday, March 26, 2009

Panama City-Wooh!

Lucy decided to get our Spring Break trip to Panama City off on the right foot by promptly stripping down to the buff and getting into the freezing cold water. This was seriously after a 9-hour drive to the beach. The kids did great and we had an amazing week. Click on any of the pictures to see them in bigger form.

Her puritantical parents decided underwear might save us from getting reported or arrested on the spot. She didn't seem to mind the cover-up action.

Later on in the week, she had other opinions about something else. One of her many talents.

I know that many people think that Lucy looks just like Matt and Asher. But I have a picture of me as a child that I look EXACTLY like this. It is odd how much I can see myself in her everyday. And frightening.

Spring Break '09! Baby Pool Pitcher! Woohoo!

Everyone say it together...awwwwwww.

FYI: This is what you look like when you get the flu at the beach. And you are three and a half.
Seriously, you have to click on this picture to get the detail that is there in his eyes. It is awesome.

So we are back and Asher has the flu. Apparently, he had the flu pretty much the whole time we were there. Which made things "special" while we were there.
But you can tell from the pictures, we still had a pretty good time!
Glad to be home. But I am READY to see 75 degree days in MY full-time forecast.


Amy said...

so so awesome! amazing pics :)
looks like it was a blast. can't wait to hear more about it!

Rebecca said...

That last pic of Asher made me laugh out loud when I made it bigger. Wow. Poor baby.

Buffy said...

Love that Lucy has the same toenail polish as mommy!