Friday, July 3, 2009


I have more pictures from the beach trip, but truthfully...I exhausted from uploading pictures to blogger this summer. So I am going to take a break for a post or two. :)

Since we have gotten home, the weather here in Asheville has been MARVELOUS.

For example?
We have not had the air conditioning on, no fans in the windows, no attic fan going and yet it is 72 degrees INSIDE our house. While it is still 78-80 degrees outside.

I have no idea how that happens. But I love it.
We are still sleeping under the comforter, feeling very cool and comfy at night since it is getting into the 50's. It is amazing.

Why live ANYWHERE else?
I love being home.

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Jill Rutland said...

first of all, TOTALLY jealous of the weather! it's as hot as hell here in Tejas! second of all, everytime i get on to check your blog, my kids SCREAM to see Matt dance "put a ring on it." thanks for making my kids month with that post!!