Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I Love About Weddings

That last walk with your dad. So sweet.

A first kiss as a married couple.

Brides that couldn't be happier to be married.

Lusting after shoes that I would never be brave enough to wear.

Girlfriends that all look like me and I look like them, in cute dresses with fun necklaces.

Cute dating couples that make you remember what it was like to say goodbye to each other at the end of the night.

Pretty flowers that make me wish I had more fresh flowers around my house. If my kitchen wasn't destroyed.

Wedding dresses.
Do wedding dresses EVER get old to look at?

Seersucker and bowties on boys.

My incredibly handsome husband who is incredibly way too large of a person to wear seersucker without looking like he a clown at a wedding.
Since it is not a 4-year olds birthday party, he chooses to stick with the classic button-down and khakis look that the GAP invented.

Beautiful country fences at sunset with all their imperfections that make you think that you could be pretty too with all your imperfections.
And that a house in the county might not be a bad idea.

Oh yeah. We live here. We love it. Thanks for having a wedding to remind us.

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Miriam said...

Were you trying to make me cry and miss you all terribly? Good job. Love you guys and what a great post. So true. All of it.