Friday, July 3, 2009

Fantasy Town

On my drive to Panama City and back, I have to drive through a small town in Alabama called Eufaula.
I have no idea how to even pronounce this town name. But I love it.

One day, I want to live there.
Not now.
Cause, we really really love Asheville and the weather is fantastic.

But one day, we could live in Eufaula.
There is a huge lake, the cutest downtown and all of these AMAZING homes that I fall in love with every time we drive through.

One day.
One day I could live here.
Maybe they need Young Life in Eufaula?


Jill Rutland said...

we've been through there a million times!!! you pronounce it U-fal (rhymes with pal)-uuh.

Steve Meyer said...

Hi Leslie, love the pictures as always. I lived in that area of Alabama during high school years and that town is typical of most small towns in the area with those big houses. It's yu-FALL-uh since you were wondering how to say it. Come see us.

Nichole said...

We drove through there on our way back from FLA, too! My husband's planning a fishing trip down there for the fall. :)

Allison said...

My husband and I LOVE this town too! Precious.....maybe a little too perfect?;) By the way, I am Allison....Jeannie's friend in Columbia! She is one of my favorite peeps on the planet:D And, I love your blog!