Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Twin Towers

In the middle of our kitchen, we have installed two pantry cabinets.

At IKEA, you can select a 15" wide cabinet or a 24" wide cabinet. Thanks to the length of our wall, it made more sense to go with the 24" wide cabinets. That would be TWO, two feet wide cabinets. Four feet of pantry space.

Then we decided to not just go with your standard 30" tall cabinets, but 39" DRAMATIC cabinets. Because my husband is 6"4, he can hide all kinds of things on the tallest of shelves and I will never, ever, never see them. What that translates into for the pantry cabinets is 88" tall cabinets. Two of them.

That is Seven FEET Four Inches Tall. Two of them.
The fridge is going to go in between them.
On the island of Sodor. Oh wait, that's from Thomas the Train, not Lord of the Rings. The children have eaten my brain again.

And they are going to walk around with all of the little people and provide them with food and cleaning supplies. And the world will smile again.

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Amy said...

booyah!!! this is so awesome!!