Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saranac and the living is FINE

We are heading into Night 3 here at Saranac and it has been amazing so far. I can't really catch you up except via pictures, but it we have had a lot of fun.

My cabin is filled with very fun-very silly freshman girls. It has been a challenge-more so than I imagined before getting here. And that has caught me off-guard. I am missing my old cabins and old friendships that were developed here simply because they have the benefit of age on them. New friendships are hard and take time and it is always hard to start over!

But it is really exciting that we have 75 kids here with ZERO second-time campers. That is almost unheard of in YL camping and it is really amazing. These kids are seeing this place for the very first time and experiencing Young Life for the very first time. What a privilege to be along for this ride.

One again, I see ghosts of high school past around every corner. I feel like a nut because I seriously remember nearly every minute of camp from when I was in high school.
I remember sitting on the boat dock, laughing, skiing and having the time of my life. I spent so much time RIGHT HERE when I was here as a high school kid.

It is awesome to be here. I love getting to be with girls as they experience real life.

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Becca and Jed said...

I LOVE that you took those sweet girls to Saranac. They are my favorites and I'm so grateful that you are with them. Thanks for loving them well. I wish I could have been there with y'all!