Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Makes Your Heart Go Pitter Patter

This picture was taken on the Saturday night before Mother's Day.
Matt had taken on quite a task to get himself and the fellow men in his family to treat all of the women to a "Special Day" at his parent's lake house.
He was so worn out and so were our kids from playing all day that they fell asleep together. With the lights on. The light was directly over his face. I have no idea how he managed that.

As soon as I started snapping pictures, Matt woke up.
About two hours later, Asher woke up crying and complaining that his ear hurt.
We thought he just had water lodged in there from the lake, so we tried to get it out to no avail.
He spent the better part of the night uncomfortable and crying.

Finally in the morning, the water came out. Or so we thought.
He started running a fever and we got antibiotics. At a check-up later this week, we found out that Asher had actually perforated his eardrum.

Happy Mother's Day! Blurgh.
But the picture is real cute.

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Buffy said...

Super duper cute picture. And such a fun day with y'all! So sorry about Asher...how is he now?