Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Tea Party

Our Amy Noll finished her Sophomore year in college this week! Amy is a big fan of tea. Lucy loves being a princess. What better way to celebrate than to go to a fancy Tea Room and have High Tea together, just the girls?
I mentioned it to Lucy in the car and Asher fell apart at the idea that he was not going to get to go to drink tea and have cakes and be fancy. He really doesn't want to do any of that. He just wants cake.
So, I came up with the quick idea that we would have an impromptu tea party to get Lucy ready for the next day AND let Asher have a little cake. Voila!
Yes Shellie, your son time-traveled here and was sitting at the table with Lucy.
Yes, those are Backyardigan Cupcakes. Perfect for a Tea Party.
Check out the Half-Windsor that I tied on Asher's little tie. I felt very accomplished.
A lady must wear pearls at tea.

Daddy came home early from work to participate in the tea party.
I am so glad he did not miss this.
Check out the little miss with her pinky out, ring on the finger and all her jewelry. She was very "fancy".
We picked flowers from the yard.
We used a little hand-blown glass pitcher that my grandmother gave to me.
IKEA tea-party sets are amazing. AMAZING.
They have the best colors, come with little spoons, forks and knives and are adorable.
We've broken about half the set so we have to buy another one.
Good thing they're about $15.

Then came the real deal. Chelseas's Tea Room in Biltmore Village.
We got really dressed up. Not pretend dressed up.

Yay for Amy finishing the semester!
Lucy didn't really want to drink tea. Lemonade was more her style.
But the teacup was as big as her face. We had to keep telling her TWO HANDS!
I swear, she was going to drop that china teacup and it was going to be tears and snot.
But she never did.

Look at the joy on her face!
I can fully recommend the food. Yum-ola.


Michelle said...

I wish I could time travel and have been there too! Love these great photos and the idea for having our own little tea party. Totally doing it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Too cute! :)

Beth and Chris Maslin said...

Simply adorable! What a great way to celebrate with Amy!

Natalie said...

Real, real cute and fun. Jealous actually.

Michelle said...

I meant to add that I'm more than a little jealous of that pitcher.

McCabe said...

leslie, this is the cutest thing i have ever seen!