Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

We arrived at Frontier Ranch in the middle of last week.
It was quite the trip, last somewhere around 16 hours with two cases of pink eye, a tornado, over 20 lost DVD's and pure exhaustion.

But we have recovered mostly. Not from the DVD thing. But everything else. Now we have arrived and are completely in love with Frontier. I mean, really. It is simply beautiful here. The weather has been amazing. The kids have been sleeping. The team is clicking and the buses start rolling in this afternoon.

We are so excited to be here.

Chief is the name of our cabin and it is perfectly set up in the middle of camp. There is a super fun little playground a few doors down that has a lookout fort on it and the kids have been playing non-stop in there.

Speaking of non-stop.

Yes please. The "alti-tooties" have been quite ahem potent in our neck of the woods. We could use a little reprieve.

Right next door to our cabin is the greatest prop room in all of Young Life. I know that will get several of our friends dander up. Sorry peeps. It's true. It's easy to get to. It's well organized. And everyone in camp want to hang out in there (That can be a positive or a negative. Depends on if you are trying to get work done or not). Just look at all that is in here!

Also, Lucy has found herself a little "Friend". Cade Acker has worked his way into our lives and they were spied holding hands across the infield this morning. It's a little fast for me, but he did pray for Blount Count, TN in front of the entire assigned team, work crew and summer he's working his way into our hearts.

This is the view that we have outside our windows of our cabin.
We love hearing the stream and starting today, we will hear the high school kids on the ropes course! Isn't the light amazing?
Camp and a cap gun.
Does life get any better for a nearly 5 year old boy?
These rocks are in a pile outside of our cabin.
Past visitors in camp have written their burdens on them and laid them down.
It is such a great visual and physical reminder to me every morning to drop my "rocks" and to see what God has for me today.
Know that verse about scattering seed among the rocky soil? I saw this plant this morning and it was a great reminder that there will be kids coming to camp today who take a receive the message but it doesn't sink deeply and the trouble of life will steal what gave them such great hope. Pray for deep roots!

These are the areas coming to camp today and it represents 420 kids and leaders:
  • Northlake, GA
  • Augusta, GA
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Blount County, TN
  • Houston SW, TX
  • Central Denver, CO
  • Bello County, CO
  • Metro Urban Denver, CO
  • Colorado Spring, CO
  • Metlakatla, Alaska
We are asking people to pray specifically during the hour of club. On the East Coast, that would be 10pm tonight. We really want to blow the roof of the Kachina (the club room) and give these high school kids the best week of their lives so they can know the hope that lives within us. Please join with us!


becca said...

we're praying for y'all! i'm sad we'll miss you at windy gap. we're bringing kids the 6-12. i can't wait!!!

Don and Ri said...

Tonight at 10? You got it; but I started praying early this morning just know that today these kids would really start to live! and then at 5 this afternoon just knowing that busses should be rolling in!

Luke said...

Beautiful words and pictures from Holy Ground.

Anonymous said...

Um excuse me, Cade Acker, tell the those Acker's they cannot have Lucy! She is Bennett's. They will have to fight for her! Just kidding! Love them! Tell them we said hello! Praying and MIss you!

Anonymous said...

You should list some of the movies you lost, maybe some of your kind friends will replace them via care pkgs! :)