Monday, May 3, 2010

Man Hair

My husband has been sporting a beard-like structure for many many months now and just the other day he decided "the heck with this!" (for this week) and started taking the thing down. I found out about it because Asher came running into the room and yelled "Daddy is cutting all his MAN HAIR off!"
Well, you know I had to see that.

I begged him to leave the pencil thin mustache just for one day
and to keep a straight face for the entire day...
but that request was thrown out with the rest of the MAN HAIR.
That's a good lookin' clean shavin' man!

Of course, he started growing it back out almost immediately.
We are heading back into winter in less than a month after all.
It snowed in Buena Vista, CO yesterday for those of you who care.
Good thing I didn't pack away our winter snow gear yet.

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