Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We made it home. But not without incident-OF COURSE!
We left CC at 8am. Before we left, we had to clean our rooms...which we left to the last morning and we overslept getting up at 7:15 instead of the recommended 6:30. So we had to rush around and we had the two kids to feed, pack last minute items and get out of the way while we remade beds, packed up pack and plays, cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed. Exahausted yet? Then we had to get all EIGHT of our bags, plus carry-ons to the bus. We were the last to arrive and people were getting antsy to leave which made it a perfect time for Asher to freak out about getting on a bus full of people that he just spent the last month of his life. Once we got him settled down, we got on the bus for our two hour commute to Denver.

The kids were kind of fussy, but more like antsy on the bus. So they whined, but we made it. Once we got to Denver at 10am, we had until 2:30pm to board our first flight of the day. So we checked our luggage and got some lunch. Oh, I forgot...the guy who checked us into our flight did a GREAT job and really helped us out by not making us move some crap around to get under the 50 pound rule. So Matt gave him a tip. A $3 tip. I laughed outloud. And so did the guy. But he took it like he was a skycap. Hilarious!

We ate lunch and still had TWO MORE HOURS. Lucy eventually fell asleep in the baby backpack while Asher ran around with the rest of the kids stuck in the airport. We finally got through security and got to the plane. We sat on the ground, on the plane, with the door closed for at least 45 minutes. No explanation. No apology. Just sitting there. Lucy started whining cause she was hungry. Asher started whining because of Lucy and because he still had not had a nap yet. All I wanted to do was get off of the ground. We did and the kids whined and cried and finally fell asleep. Then woke up and whined and cried until we landed in Houston. Repeat this EXACT sequence of events for the flight from Houston to Columbia. Except, subsitute that it is now 8pm and we don't get into Columbia until 11:30pm.

Then Matt and I had an argument on the plane that pretty much created stoney silence until the kids were in bed, asleep at Matt's parents house at 12:30am. Ah sweet travels.

Then we all slept like BABIES until 11:30am the next day. That's right. My kids slept dang near forever. Matt's mom said she had never seen anything like it. I mean, most kids no matter what time you put them to bed will still wake up with the sun. That is called "BALLERS" ya'll. Who is going to be traveling with black felt from now on??? All of you???

Anyway, the whole day got thrown off because we slept so late. So we just lounged around and went shopping until dinner time. Then Matt's brother and his wife and his grandparents came over for dinner. It was great fun!
The next day, we packed up (again) we went to the lake and had a great time swimming and laughing. It was gorgeous!

Then we got to pack up again (for the third time in three days) and head for the hills. But before we could get out of the house, Asher decided to throw another fit and keep saying, "NO!" over and over again. We had to have a little time out after time out session. After one of the sessions, we noticed he was eating something. We tried to get "it" out of his mouth, but had no idea what he ate.

We eventually got on the road and about an hour outside of Asheville, both kids have meltdowns. I get in the backseat and start to feed Lucy. I give Asher his drink and a snack, but he doesn't want it. He doesn't want to watch any videos anymore. He is just pretty much being a pain in the you-know-what. Then we hit Hendersonville and he just all of the sudden starts throwing up. Not make a big deal out of it throw up. But just dribble down you shirt and heave about five or six times. That was when I was so glad that he ate BLUEBERRIES that morning because everything was a lovely shade of purple.

We were nowhere near an exit, so we had to sit in the car with this puke smell for like ten minutes until we could get out. We pulled into Hardees at which point Asher (who is COVERED in blueberry vomit) starts saying, "Yummy mommy! Yummy mommy!" No way. So we get out, get him stripped down and I head for the bathroom to clean him up. Nope. No papertowels, no changing table, no soap. NOT EVEN TOILET PAPER. "What kind of place was this?," I asked myself. The kind of place where my kid could now run around naked in while I got napkins from the main dining area.

While all of this is going on, Matt is trying to clean up the nasty puked on car seat. Yuck. We discover that we did have an extra car seat with us due to the airplane travel and so we just traded the old one out, got Asher dressed and were home 40 minutes later.

That was when we got to unload the car, unpack the bags and take a look at our mail from the last month. FUN TIMES.

The only bright spot of the day was that Ellen and Karl Troyer had mowed our grass, cleaned our house from top to bottom and went grocery shopping for us so that we could have a few fresh staples at our house when we got home. God bless them.


Michelle said...

Hey--wanna board a plane and come visit us? Hahahahhahaha!

Buffy said...

Oh my gracious. You are funny. I laughed out loud about the naked Hardees story. Your kids definitely get the throw ups. Sorry.

So glad y'all are home. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie,
Sooooooo glad your home...
Missed you. I was peeing my pants reading your account of your trip back. I am sorry it was what it was, but I can so relate!!!!!!
When you get a chance give me a shout.
Later, Lex

Jessica Freas "Freeze" Kenny said...

Wow Leslie! After that story I am yelling to Steve... "Let's make a baby... it's sounds so much fun." Great story! I love reading them! Keep them coming! They make me have my own accident b/c I have to hold my pee I am lauging so hard!