Sunday, April 13, 2008


We went to Columbia again this weekend and although we didn't get much time to play with cousins, we still had a great time. Our kids had a blast at Watt's soccer game, we managed to scrounge up a babysitter and attend a family friend's wedding and Matt got to help fix up his grandad's house.

The weather is simply amazing in Columbia this time of year. Picture of the weekend? Here it is:

Yes, that is Asher's hand holding a caterpillar. He found it and was brave enough to hold it still long enough for me to snap this picture. He was very proud of his find.

More pictures are to be found on flickr! And just to get you to go, here is my mother in law running my kids down a hill in a wagon! Wonder why they have so much fun at Gammy and Docs?

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Spooner said...

that's a gypsy moth time you see one, feel free to squish them. They are non-native and terrible for the hardwood forests of the US.
Sorry for the downer...