Saturday, April 26, 2008


The wedding season has officially begun!

Today we attended the wedding of Jed and Becca Eby. They got engaged while we were at the All-Staff Conference in January and managed to pull off a wedding in four months! Quite a feat!

They are a cute couple and had a beautiful day. See the pictures:

Next up? Next weekend, David Joyner and Alana Bullers wedding!

On such a sweet day, we had some really hard news delivered as we headed to the post wedding party. Our friend and former Young Life leader, Sonja Kramers had a heart attack while driving her car at around 7:30 this morning. She crashed her car and died. It is shocking to say the least. I will miss her face and sweet laugh. I was never around her without laughing and feeling like she completely loved us.

Her funeral will be this week, we just don't know when.


Michelle said...

To begin, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. That is truly sad.
The wedding pictures are so sweet. I love the closeup of the bride with her earrings and pearls. Beautiful. And I want to eat one of those cupcakes.
Lastly, I love the re-design of the blog. Talk about being efficient, savvy and talented!!!

Anonymous said...


Robin said...

so cute!