Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swim Lessons, a saga

A few of you know that at the end of March, I enrolled both of my kids in swim lessons at the Y.

Lucy is enrolled in the parent/child classes and Asher was enrolled in the 3-year old class. I know some of you are thinking, but Asher isn't three Leslie. I know that, you know that. But seriously, the kid is crazy gifted at athletic events and he is the size of a four-year old. So who would ever guess?

Or so I thought.

Lucy's class is at 5pm. I drop Ash off at child-watch, then Lucy and I get in the pool. Matt arrives at 5:20 to get Asher ready and brings him to the pool. For four straight weeks, twice a week...Asher screams and cries throughout the lesson where kids are having the time of their lives. Except for my child. Who is getting spankings and told that he can't go to the beach with Gammy and Doc if he doesn't get in the pool.

On Monday night, after this has gone on for 20 minutes; the instructor asks Matt to come to the side of the pool and whispers, "I don't think this is working. Would you like to bring him to Lucy's class on Wednesday?" So Matt called to Asher who is floating in the middle of the pool and crying, "Come on. You can get out now." Wanna know what he did? Swam 25 yards with a pool noodle under his arms to Matt and got out of the pool. That's right. He SWAM. and cried.

So, we just got kicked out of our swim class. WITH ONE CLASS TO GO.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ask Matt if Asher's 25 yard swim brought back memeories of his first swim team experience? Tears and all! So funny. I hope Mom reads this!
I LOVE the threat. How many times have we used that one at our house? Do we ALWAYS end up going to Gammy and Doc's beach? Of course!
Love y'all!