Sunday, April 27, 2008


We still don't have many details about funeral arrangements for Sonja, but I would like to ask for prayers for our friends, high school and beyond that are having a hard time losing someone like Sonja from their life.

One of my friends, in particular; saw Sonja only moments before the accident. She was working in Sonja's business Happy Tails Country Club to open up the kennel and take care of the dogs in the morning.

She is devastated as Sonja was 1) her friend, 2) mentor 3) an adult who took a risk with her business to hire a high school student.

But that was just like Sonja. She always hired high school kids to help them raise money for camp, she hosted YL events on the property, she was a giver. We will miss her presence in our community because it is so rare to find someone who unfailingly believed in what we do in Young Life. She gave with her time, money and energy to bring people to feet of Christ, mostly through the way that she lived her life.

She was 39 years old.
She was hoping to get engaged to her boyfriend Jamie.
She is now in Heaven.

Matt continues to remind me and those around us that although we are sad, Sonja is not. Her life is an example of the love of Christ and the truth that you can not know the impact that you had on people's lives until you are gone. You can hope, you can persevere. But you just don't know how you touch people until they can no longer tell you.

I am hoping to get more details today on how Sonja's life and legacy will be celebrated. Thank you for praying and for keeping us and our friends in your thoughts.

One more request, Becca (who got married on Saturday) was VERY close with Sonja. She worked at Happy Tails several times a month. She still does not know that Sonja has died. Please pray for her and her heart because this will be very difficult to deal with, especially since Sonja died on her wedding day.


Robin said...

so sad. for us. Matt has the right perspective.


Buffy said...

Gracious, Leslie. I am so sad about this. Sounds like she was an amazing woman. I will be praying for you and for your friend who doesn't know yet. Love y'all!