Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking forward to taking our kids to camp

We went to Windy Gap tonight for our End of the Year Leadership Celebration. Asher had quite a time once people left the barn. Take a look:

Hmmm, anybody looking for talented kids around 3 years old? I have quite a ham on my hands. Oh, and a 18-month old who is not far behind? Look out world! Here we come!


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!! If I do say so myself! Love y'all and I'm so sorry about your friend, Sonja.

Robin said...

oh hilarious. he is his parent's child.

Jill Rutland said...

seriously...both my kids got up to boggie with yours!! i agree with Robin, asher is his parent's child!! love you!

erinshelton said...

Asher is Matt's mini-me. Only your kids could be this stinkin hilarious! LOVE the video! ABC YL is in my thoughts and prayers!

Michelle said...

That is brilliant! I can only imagine how many times my kids are going to ask to see it "again."

Buffy said...

That is adorable! And I LOVE watching Lucy...just standing over there in the corner, but she knows all the moves too. Get that girl on program for women's weekend!

Love y'all.