Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Domestic Bliss

Lucy surprised us over the weekend by running a little 103 degree fever. What a sweet child.

She is totally fine today of course, except for this nasty little cough that she has developed.
We've been giving her Mucinex to help move the cold along and after dinner, that cough moved along all over her comforter. Spaghetti plus cough mucus. That's exactly what the commercials promise isn't it?

I loaded up her comforter to take to the laundromat when I noticed that she also had a little "accident" while taking a nap on Matt's pillow yesterday. So, I threw that sucker in our washing machine while I ran out the door.

I came back to this.

It's like Howard the Duck died in the middle of my washing machine.

I forgot to switch the settings from bedding to gentle.
So now, Matt has no more down pillow.

Of course, Martha Stewart or somebody would have restuffed the pillow and used it again probably.
I just haven't got it in me.
Marshall's has them on sale right now.
Hopefully, my washing machine won't be worse for the wear!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I hope you got his new pillow home before he needed to recover from his wisdom teeth surgery. yikes!