Monday, January 11, 2010

Flying with Kids?

We have turned the corner in our house and have already started looking towards the summer (aren't we all?) and our travel plans. Since we will be in Colorado for a portion of our summer and flying out there is more than likely going to happen, the new TSA regulations have given me a bout of heart palpitations trying to convince my kids that the last 60 minutes of a flight are ONE BIG ADVENTURE with NO TOYS WHATSOEVER!

Maybe this is the case for you this spring or summer too.
I just read this post on and maybe it will come in handy...or maybe I will blog about what an absolute crap storm we experienced. Who's to say?

Take a look:


Blair said...

oh goodness.
i hate flying.
is this just for international flights landing in the usa or all domestic flights too?
we're heading out to colorado in a few weeks. do you think an ipod counts in the list of banned personal items?

lesliesloan said...

oh yes. ipod's definitely count. sorry.

Amy Noll said...

I think we should put all of the TSA authority people on a plane full of small children and let them experience "the final 60 minutes." I mean really? Are these pol straight crazy??

Jumpness said...

I travel A LOT and let me tell you... Tylenol PM is my new best friend. When I'm flying across the country I need my best friend for sure!

Miriam said...

Having flown domestically since the incident I can assure you these rules are for international flights only. Not that these rules make any sense what so ever
but they are only for international flights in bound for the US.
Traveling with kids is hard enough right?!!