Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

While we were in Columbia during Christmas, I had to get a little bit of work done-like you do and I left the kids to their own devices one morning.

They were playing very nicely with each other while I filled out my expense report and I began to hear things like, "Just use this color" to which I said, "You guys are drawing on paper right?" They answered that they were and I left them alone.
Then I heard,
"You're an INDIAN"..."No, I'm an INDIAN"...then I went to investigate:

I, of course, then told them (then and there) that they would from now on refer to themselves as Native Americans.
And then threw them into the shower for a scrub down that made them yelp in pain.
Like good little natives.

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robin said...

those native americans are pretty durn adorable.