Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Asher's first day of school. Lucy started preschool yesterday...but for the sake of sanity we are all going to pretend that she started today as well.

For the last hour, Lucy has been checking the door to see if Asher is here "yet." I think she missed him today. Me too.
I can't wait to see him get off that bus!

But here are the pictures from this morning. He handled everything like a champ! He was so excited to get in there and get going, it was incredible. Matt and I teared up when we had to leave and I don't think Asher knew exactly what was going on. Whew!

My sister calls it the "Boo-Hoo Wa-Hoo!" All the mom's simultaneously are boo-hooing and are ecstatic at the day that has now opened up in front of them. I am in full understanding of the boo-hoo wa-hoo now.
But, I am ready to see that little monkey walk through my door.

Post Script: He came home and chattered for 30 minutes about how much he loved school, riding the bus, his classroom and all kinds of nonsense. SUCCESS!


Michelle said...

YEAH!!!! I love the pictures of his (and Lucy's) first day. Gosh, they are sooo cute! I'm glad he had a good day and loves it just like I knew he would. He'll be the mayor of that school in no time. XOXO

Buffy said...

Oh Ma Ga...Maggie and Lucy have the exact same lunchbox from Old Navy!! And she looks hilariously precious and preteenesque in her outfit!

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

So BIG!! And I love the idea of including a sign with the year on it. Very smart.