Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kids Room Design

Asher and Lucy have been sharing a room for going on eight months now and they have never had anything hanging on the walls for several reasons.

1. They have both been transitioning from baby times to preschooler to elementary school kids all in the last eight months. Holy crap.

2. I have no idea how to decorate for a three year-old-girl who is super girly and five-year-old boy who is super boyish.

3. Budget constraints on all the good ideas that I saw out there.

Until this idea.

I bought 16 clipboards at an office supply store (I looked like a really organized Type A nutcase) and hung them in rows of four over each kids bed. Then I printed out pictures, gather artwork they had done throughout the year and then hung it on the wall.
This way, the "art" clipboards can always change and I won't have to display it on my fridge! Woohoo!
I also picked up a globe, grabbed some cool blocks from the toy room and our old flag that I didn't know what to do with and TA-DA! It works!
Behind some of the pictures, I framed them with fun paper to set off the kids personalities and to add a little splash of color.
Stars are a major theme in their room and I was scouring one of our local "treasure" stores for anything star related and found this beauty. You will see the scale on the next pic.

Well, you can sorta see the scale. It's peeking out from the top of the picture.
It's gigantic.

Obviously a room is never truly done and I still have some more finishing touches to keep installing. But it was fun to spend time working on the kids rooms and not the kitchen (still) or some other room in the house. They LOVE seeing the pictures and adding their artwork to the clipboards. The best part is now I have a place to store it all as the school year is starting and I am sure that there will no shortage of treasures coming home!

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