Thursday, August 26, 2010

NYC Girls Trip Recap

There isn't a lot to say about the trip to New York. Mostly because it was so much fun that I can't possibly retell it in words.

But it was lovely to get away with girlfriends. To just waltz through security without having to take off someone else's shoes, holding a jacket, dumping out a sippie cup and worrying that I have lotion in my carryon. I just walked on through like it was natural or something.

The girls that I went to New York with were friends of mine since we met when they were freshman in high school and I was a sophomore Young Life leader in college. That many years ago. Yes. And we laughed at so many many ridiculous things that I loved every single minute of it.

This is Megan and Cassie on the far left at Rockbridge in 1998.
They might burn my house down for posting this image.

We all landed at LaGuardia at the same time, hopped in a taxi and were in Manhattan in 20 minutes. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is this: always go to New York with people who 1) love it and 2) go there regularly or 3) have been there enough times that seeing the Empire State Building is comforting but not something that they have to the top of. These girls are EXACTLY that.

With that being said, we did not do so much the typical touristy things. We were just looking to get away together. New York just happened to work out fantastically. So we all landed, had a broad outline of things to go do, but after that...we had no agenda. It was so super nice. Obviously when that happens, you end up in dangerous parts of town like this:
Two floors of candy bliss. Be still my heart.

These girls know my heart, my stomach and my mind.
The fondue station was a place of many many "that's what she said" jokes.
Like when we heard the mom behind us say,
"just stick it in fast and twirl it."
We about DIED.
This poster was not for sale.
But I do believe if I ever have another child, their nursery will be candy themed and this will be the centerpiece.

Every candy store ought to at least consider a bathtub full of gumballs.
Shoulda bought it. For me. My kids. For me AND my kids.
But I just took a picture.
Awww, a nice little sign on the stairs. All the candy is encased in poly as you go down their stairs to their "classic candy" level. Yes, that exists.
Dylan's Candy Bar.
Don't miss it next time you go to NYC.

After candy times, Megan surprised us with tickets to see Zach Braff (from Scrub's) in an off Broadway show called Trust. We hung around the cast door after the show to meet the cast and we did!
"Vince" from Sex and the City was super nice.
And of course the super nice, Zach Braff. Yes, that is his arm on my shoulder.
Be jealous.

But be more jealous of Megan's Sharpie mark that he made on her arm.
She wouldn't wash it off.

The next night we went to see Promises, Promises.
And we were sorely chapped because Kristen Chenoweth was well, missing.
So when we hung around the cast door that night we had to be satisfied with meeting:
Sean Hayes
and Tony Award Winner Katie Finneran.
My sister joined us for the night. It was so fun to be with her!
The next morning for brunch before leaving we hit up Serendipity, which I had never been to before.
And it was delicious.
Pretty much sums up the entire trip.
Chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top.
Let's do it again soon!


Cameron and Megan said...

oh my!!! looks an amazing trip!!!!

Buffy said...

1. You look like a hottie.
2. You look the same as you did in that camp pic.
3. I love that you were the sketch city leader that dressed her cabin in sports bras and boxers - white sports bras no less!

Michelle said...

That trip into NYC to hang with you, Cassie and Megan fed my soul. I had a blast & hope that you will all come back again real soon.