Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Are you all ready for the newest reality TV show Survivor?

Hello lead-in from the year 2000. That was the year that I moved to Asheville into a little apartment on Chunn's Cove Road with Jennifer Little.

Our first event at our apartment was the season finale of the very first season of Survivor. We had about 15 random people over that we didn't even know and most of them became very good friends. Including Mr. Brad Bucklad.

The next summer, Brad and I took 10 high school kids on a backpacking trip to Medicine Bow in Wyoming. One of those kids was named Chase Rice. He was football player who I swear, ate over 5,000 calories a day and the guides allotted somewhere around 1,500 calories a day on that trip. That poor boy was starving to death. All he talked about all week was food and Gatorade.

We came home and his parents came to Sharp Top Cove to be adult guests and fell in love with Young Life. They had a horse barn in front of their house that they decided needed to be converted into a space for our area's Young Life needs. They got rid of their horses and turned the place inside out so that we could have a club room, kitchen, game room and fire pit.

We've been having clubs, all area-clubs, campaigners and Wyld-Life there for the last 8 years.

I just saw this headline. That Chase Rice is going to be on the next Survivor that premiers on September 15th.
I haven't watched the show in years, but you can bet your bippy that I will be watching and cheering him on!

Go Chase Go! (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book doesn't it?)
I have pictures of him in my basement from high school, but I won't do that. Yet.


Leslie Ruth Petree said...

From Asheville, went to UNC, country singer...it's like the trifecta of the ideal Survivor contestant! Definitely will be watching.

Connie Rice said...

Thanks Matt for such encouraging memories of mentoring Chase. I am praying his character will be favorable - not sure how tv will portray his "survival". It will be an adventure to watch! Connie Rice

Brad Bucklad said...

Got to have a long lunch with Chase today. So much stinking fun! He obviously couldn't share much, but still fun to hear stories and remember old ones like Medicine Bow. Connie, I'm with you...I'd be a bit nervous about what footage they'd have if they followed me around for 30 days non-stop. Leslie, he loves food even more now. A stop at the DQ made his day. Survivor, you just got a fan back--it's been 10 years but worth the wait.