Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Empire State of Mind

My daughters school sent this home on Monday as a 9/11 tribute.

It is supposed to be an image of how God has the whole world in His hands. But instead, it looks like the whole world is coming out of his butt.

It's a pretty good representation of how people have felt since that day.

We didn't have Facebook back on 9/11 and many people I went to high school were either in the towers themselves or their parents, siblings or loved ones were. This past week was interesting as I got to see for the first time the depth of these stories and to read more about friends being on the Staten Island Ferry approaching the city as the planes hit. And knowing their twin sister was in the twin towers.

I remember every feeling I had those days. And the fatigue from worry and concern over my sister and her husband living and working on Wall Street for the years that followed.

Now that has numbed a bit.
It's why we need memorials and anniversaries.

Even if we get sick of them or jaded.

This week a commercial (yes. A commercial) was released by State Farm was released that put it all in perspective and is so sweet, it makes you feel united to New York.

Much more so than a giant butt pooping out the world.

Empire State of Mind Commercial on YouTube

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