Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keeping House

I am not a wizard at house keeping. I want to be. I set very high standards at house keeping. But neither I nor Matt can live up to those standards, so what we have is usually a "problem" because I am chronically unhappy with the state of our house, but unmotivated to do anything about it. Then I get mad at everyone around me for failing to work hard at it.
Don't I sound like a joy to live with?

I have been looking for a solution and I am hoping that I have found one. Google calendar.

Each day I have a task that if I actually do it, by the end of the week//month my house will be deep cleaned.

Here is an example:
Set aside 5x week/15 mins:
clean countertops and sink
Sweep the floor
Clean the fridge handle

Set aside 30 mins 1x/week
Wet mop the floor
Wipe down the appliances
Wash down the cabinet fronts

Kitchen deep cleaning 1x (or every 6 months...or if a dog/child throws up in or on these surfaces) a month activities:
Deep clean the fridge
Clean the oven
Vacuum the inside of drawers and cabinets

If Matt and I share a house cleaning calendar and these tasks are in there, this is much more likely to happen. Matt just doesn't even think about these things. While I think about them, but I am also thinking about 700 million other things too. We all need help to serve and love one another.

Tomorrow, I will give you an example of the calendar for the family room.

I am turning super nerdy on you aren't I!?
Why does this get me so excited?

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