Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping House: Bedroom Edition

In our house, the bedrooms are where all "things" go to disappear. I may clear the clutter from the living room, but it ends up in a basket or on a chair in my bedroom. Or on top of the dresser in my kids room.

But a clean room=a clean brain.
I know my mom is totally freaking out right now at that sentence because this is the total opposite of who I was in high school.

But I have changed. Haven't we all?
And if all of the "flat surfaces" in my room are cleaned off, I am at an unbelievable place of peace when going to bed.

So with that being said:

Make your bed. Take all drinks to the kitchen.

2x/week: clean the surfaces off, then dust them. (SWEET!)

1x/week: Tackle the floor. Vacuum, sweep. Whatever you have as far a floor surface goes. Get after it.
Get flowers for yourself and put one next to your bed. (I hardly ever do this, but it makes me really happy when I do)

1x/month or every 6 months or if an animal or child pukes:
Get under the bed and clean it out. Dust it. Clean it out and clean it up. You will be so happy you did. Put it in the calendar and do it.

Do the windows, walls and lights.

Clean out the closet and vacuum it. Dust the shelves and wipe down the doors.

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