Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lucy hilarity

Lucy loves to take pictures and being that she is home a good deal more than Asher (since she is in preschool) I have more material to work with. Enjoy the glory that is a 4 year old girl.
She hit a "little" growth spurt this summer. I think this was the last hurrah for this suit. 
Heading off to preschool. 
Our favorite part of the day is lunch (which we get to eat together) 
and on Friday's we make a special treat for Asher coming home from school. 

And the little man who we have raised to love all things lemon related. 
He is quite happy to be the recipient of these good gifts. 

Yes. If you click on the names of those treats, there are recipe links. You are welcome. They are delicious. For serious. 

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