Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great Sandwich Debate

Every since we got back from France, Asher has refused to eat sandwiches made with whole wheat bread.

Only white bread sandwiches.
I have no idea.

He makes barf face and gagging noises the entire time he chokes down a sandwich.

This has now gone on for two months.
Yes, I have endured.

These are not new sandwiches. Or bread. Same as he's ever had. He just "doesn't like them now."

Today, I gave it one more try. I asked him to "beast it" and not give us a problem about the sandwich when he came out of his class at church saying he wasn't "hungry" for lunch-because he knew another whole wheat pb & j was going to get served up.

The day before, he went so far as to feed the dog the sandwich and pretend as it he had eaten it. That went over well.

So we came home today, fully expecting him to in fact "beast" the sandwich. But that did not happen.

Instead, he dragged it out and then on a bite that was followed by a swallow of water the whole thing came up.

This is now the third time that little trick has happened since our return as well.

There are a few questions here:
1) is this hilarious or maddening?

2) how can I get him to actually eat a sandwich without giving him white bread?
I refuse to bend on this matter. Which sounds annoying but he is one person and we are three others who will eat and enjoy the other bread. And he's 6.

3) how can I break his will on this thing without breaking him in the process?
I don't just want him to eat a sandwich. I want him to be obedient. And get over it. But I want him to remain strong-willed; just not incapable of following us as we ask him to eat what we prepare.

4) am I making a big deal out of nothing?
I think we make him eat he rest of the sandwich for dinner and the rest of this week until the point is made. But maybe that is going too far?

Maybe we should just call the whole thing off and just take this whole debate off the table? Just be full of grace-no more sandwiches for awhile?
Let him try then again in a few months?

Mountains out of molehills.
Man this parenting thing is HARD.

Any feedback would be tremendous!

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