Sunday, September 25, 2011

Keeping House: Family Room edition

Here it is, the family room edition of speed cleaning your house in a month!

This is the place you spend the most of your time and the place where clutter probably accumulates the most.

So on a daily basis, do your best to not leave the room without something on your hands that does not belong in that room.

If you have 3-5x a week/15 minutes:
Grab a laundry basket. Grab up all items that don't belong in that room and place them in the basket for redistribution after you leave the room.

Dust everything on eye level.

Fluff pillows and fold throw blankets.

That will make you feel like a million bucks right there.

If you have 1x a week/30 minutes:
Vacuum or dry-mop the floor

Every month/6months/when a dog or kids pukes on it:
Tackle upholstery and window treatments. Vacuum under sofa cushions and on them. Clean behind the couch. Flip over the cushions for even wear. Close curtains and vacuum. Wipe down blinds.

For spring/fall cleaning days:
Wash windows.
Spot clean the walls.
Roll back rugs and clean the floor.
Get after cobwebs in the corners.

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