Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bo Knows

Last night, Ben and I were talking and he shared with me that he found an old family picture in which he was wearing a "crazy shirt" that said something like "BO Knows" on it. And then these words came out of his mouth...

"I don't even know what that means."
At this point the room sort of started spinning for me.
I mean, really? You don't know who Bo Jackson is?

For one thing...he might be the reason that I am IN advertising.

Bo-you don't know Diddley might still be something that I say in my head sometimes.
Right after this was when Jordans came out and the rest as they say is HISTORY.

I had Bo Jackson's rookie baseball card when I was little and thought I was the coolest in the world. We lived in Kansas City and LOVED the Royals for a small window of time.
I mean we were all about Bo Jackson and so was the rest of the world.

From Wikipedia:
"Jackson was the first athlete in the modern era to play professional baseball and football in the same year. He was the perfect spokesman for a shoe geared toward an athlete actively engaged in more than one sport at a time or with little time between activities to switch to sport-specific footwear."

He hurt his hip while playing football for the Raiders, did rehab and came back but never to full strength.
But his campaign remains in infamy.
AdWeek named the Bo Knows campaign as one of the best of the Nineties and it definitely endures.

And that ladies and gentleman is why Nike shoes cost $180.
For Toddlers.


MJG said...

Bo Jackson had one of the coolest outfield catches EVER when he ran up the wall- do you remember that? Also, I had lunch with him in Austin in 1997. Just once. He was large. The end.

Marcus said...

Bo Jackson was epic. I remember that catch! I think he had 3 homeruns in one game as well. He was awesome! Nice shoes!