Monday, August 3, 2009

Junk Drawer?

Now I am on to organizing the kitchen.
Not really.
I am on to dreaming about organizing my kitchen.

I need to have all the hardware installed first. Then I can organize my kitchen.
I don't want to clean wood shavings out of cooking tongs.

So I have been reading up on the Unclutter blog on the best way to organize the kitchen and a question in my mind has risen up. To junk drawer or not junk drawer?

Is there a way around it?
Or can you organize yourself enough that you don't have a drawer that when people open it you find yourself saying, " it's definitely NOT in there. Don't worry about looking in there. No seriously. Please don't. Okay...." and then the awkward pause while you stand there for all the world to know that yes, you do indeed have a fire alarm in a drawer along with vacuum cleaner bags, a bulk pack of ear plugs, dried jasmine stalks, a chinese restaurant menu and a hot mustard sauce packet stuck inside of it. Not that I have experience with this or anything.

I have bought organizers for all the shallow drawers and the really big drawers. But I have two deep, not very wide drawers that I don't have a clear vision for and I fear that I will be right back to the fire alarm, vacuum bag scenario in no time.

Anyone have a good solution for this?
I saw some GREAT ideas on Unclutterer that I am definitely implementing.
Look for a Yard Sale post coming up next week.
I think most of what I own is NOT going to make it back into my kitchen.

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