Sunday, August 2, 2009

What A Difference a Weekend Makes

Maybe if you will remember back in May when my kitchen looked like this:

And then on Thursday it looked like this:

And then on Saturday it looked like this!

And tonight...

TONIGHT, well this is 12:54am and...

Matt and Ben are attempting to still hook up the sink to the disposal. They have been working on the dishwasher and the sink for 12 straight hours right now.

Ugh. For them.
I got to go IKEA again today because during cabinet installation, one of the doors fell from a height of seven feet straight onto the tile. I did my best to break the fall but there wasn't much I could do. I did manage to return about $70 of other stuff that we over bought so that was a bonus.

Also, the kids got to play for the first time in the kids "Smailand" at IKEA and immediately asked if we could ever go back to IKEA. Ummm, let's see...hopefully not anytime soon.

Now all that is left to do on the punch list:
Install all of the hardware on the cabinets
venting the A/C under one cabinet
install hood over stove
level stove
toe kicks
tile backsplash (maybe) and tile behind sink
finish up paint
touch up countertop sealer
caulk sink
level all doors and drawers
install organizers in cabinets
window treatments
transition strip
clean the entire house including getting the carpets cleaned.

Umm. Yeah. So, I am sure that I missing about a million and one half things. Those are just the things that I can think of.
But cleaning my house and moving my kitchen back into my kitchen? I can not wait. We are so so so so close.
Tonight, I spot cleaned the grout spots off the carpet from when it got taken all throughout the upstairs about three weeks ago. Miraculously it all came up.

Anyone want to come clean carpets with me? When that happens...this project will be done. Officially.

Edit: I just got up for the morning, and learned that Matt was up half the night trying to solve the kitchen sink.
Apparently, we installed the bar initially on the wrong "holes" and had to take the entire sink off of the counter after he and Ben had gotten all of the plumbing correct with no leaks or anything at 1:30am.
We went to install the doors and learned of the wrong installation and had to start over. I went to bed at 3am and they were still at it.
I just read Matt's blog and he says there is a slow leak in the kitchen sink.
Good to know. Since I just used it.

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Buffy said...

Holy Cow. I am really proud of you guys. I know it's been a bear, but it looks great!!!