Tuesday, August 11, 2009


During the summer in Asheville, the city puts on a weekly concert series of bluegrass and traditional clogging in downtown called "Shindig on the Green."

It is really fun and family friendly, particularly while downtown is under massive renovations and has been for the last three years. They have relocated to a baseball field and your kids can't GO ANYWHERE.

But it is really fun and relaxing to listen to the music, eat dinner and visit with friends while your kids can run around freely and dance.
It is a great reminder that Asheville is the perfect size city...where you can still trust people and your kids to have "small town" events but all the conveniences of a bigger city.

It was a great night-and the fact that we were out was definitely proof that our kitchen was nearing completion!
Lucy and Bennett were stealing a moment together over candy necklaces.

that's my girl. all sass.

my two men.

The Knauer's!
If Lucy and Bennett do end up marrying each other, there will be enough attitude
to power a city.

Aww. Newlyweds Andrew and Suze joined us!

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