Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since I now HAVE a new kitchen, I am now FILLING the new kitchen with little odds and ends that make it mine instead of IKEA's. I haven't gotten very far because well...buying actual food to put into the kitchen has a higher priority. But I have managed to find a few things that I really like and put a smile on my face:

Canisters filled with straws, cookies, candy necklaces, gumballs, animal crackers and bag clips.

School clock.
The first day we had it up Asher was asking me over and over again when dinner was.
I told him, "When the little hand is on the six."
Time telling is just around the corner!

Apple and Pear salt and pepper shakers. They are the cutest things you have ever seen.
I couldn't leave them in the store. They had to come home with me.

They are also tiny.
For scale purposes, you can see how small they are next to a sippy cup.
So, I guess I will be refilling them often.
I might have just found the reason they were in the antique store.

Hopefully, we will have a hood for our stove going up this weekend!


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Michelle said...

I love those s&p shakers too. Jealous! Umm, just a question. How long will those canisters filled with cookies and gumballs last? I'd probably find my weasels climbing all over the counters if I left yummies on display. :-)