Friday, August 28, 2009

Homage to the Sloan Homestead

Matt and I took the kids and made a quick overnight trip to Columbia yesterday.

Just to take a shower.

Not really.
Matt was meeting some friends from college, but it doesn't make as good a story.

But seriously. At Matt's parents house they have the best shower in the world.
You scoff?
I think this shower might be the source of all our water shortage problems in the world.

Children in Africa don't have water thanks to what is happening at a certain house in Columbia, South Carolina.

It is like taking a shower underneath a fire hydrant.

Your skin actually squeaks like a tupperware container fresh from the dishwasher when you get out of the shower.

Also, the Sloan's have their water heated by the lava it is delightfully hot and tremendous.
It is like a day at the spa when you get the joy of staying at their house.

About a year ago, they updated the shower and we were all fearful of them replacing the showerhead with one that was more "water conserving" and "green" of which I am usually a fan.

Thankfully, they didn't fall for any of that nonsense.

The hydrant is here to stay and it stripped my hair of all impurities this morning.

I've never looked better.
It's much cheaper than a day at the Grove Park, I'll let you know.

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Buffy said...

That is hysterical.