Friday, April 17, 2009

Breaking News

Crooked Creek is snowed in.
Which means my husband who was supposed to fly home tomorrow, is hopefully going to get home on Sunday. 11:30 PM on Sunday that is.

Awesome. 20 something inches of snow in 24 hours will do that.
So, I am just chilling in Columbia, SC at his parents house until the weather in Colorado lets up.

Lucy has decided that this is going to be the week when she throws a fit and cries for hours on end if things don't go exactly her way.

So that's awesome to hear about 20 inches of fresh pow-pow to shred on top of the mountain bro. Awesome. Bro.


leslie ruth said...

Stu Nelson (do you know him?) has been twittering about the insane snow dumping for the last two days. Sorry you're one of the casulties :(

Amy said...

if your husband loved you he would get a team of sled dogs and drive them over the pass to Denver...