Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's The Best Way to Say This?

I have thought often over the last year about how great it is that my kids are getting along, sleeping through the night, can feed themselves and are now potty trained. Life is getting to be so good to me! I mean, is it too easy? Then this had to happen:

With so many important people in my life that read this blog during their day, I thought that this might be the best way to let everyone know without hurting anyone's feelings!

The baby is due around November 30th according to my doctor!

Oh yeah.


Amy said...

i'm not going to had me.
That was definitely a good one. Completely forgot today was April 1

Michelle said...

I was reading this on my phone and then was like, what?! Then, scrolled down and dangit--you got me.

Buffy said...

You got me, girl. Seriously. That's a good one

Jill Rutland said...

i believed you were just cussed out in spanish!!! (by me) you naughty girl!!

Natalie said...

You would!