Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unsorted Mail

Dear Michigan State Spartans,
Thanks for not showing up for the game last night, ruining my bracket and destroying my shot at the McSloanSmith Cloak and general infamy with my inlaws. I'll get you back sometime.

Dear Snow on my brand-new blueberry bushes on April 7th,
You are not welcome around here anymore.
This is not the kind of April showers that bring May Flowers.

Dear Preschool that takes Spring Break,
Guess who doesn't need Spring Break?
Two and Three-year olds. Their entire lives are a break. Let's hit the books next week instead of taking it off, kay?

Dear Parents whose cars have stickers covering their entire back windows,

I do not understand how that happens and yes, I am judging you.
But, look into straight razor. They cost 1.29 at a hardware store.
Your kids aren't really enjoying those stickers anymore are they?


Anonymous said...

Soory about Michigan State, but, let it be known that I DID pick the winner! I know I am an outlaw but couldn't I get a shot at The Cloak?


lesliesloan said...

No Cloak for you!

Michelle said...

Oh, so many reasons to giggle at this posting. For one, I am sorry about the loss of your cloak. Maybe next year.
I could not agree more about the lack of need for a preschool spring break. Seriously. I just survived a "staycation" last week and it is NOT fair that the kids are off again this Friday.
Plus, those stickers parents let kids put on the windows? Like there's not enough crap they leave behind in the car! I am waaaaay with you on this one and I think it's only right to give these parents a shove in the right direction. :-)