Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheap Travel Tip of the Week

Since we just got back from the beach, I have a little cheap vacation tip to share with you that I haven't read about on the internet.

Before we left to go to the beach, I hit Blockbuster to pick up a few new DVD's for the kids to watch while we drove 9+ hours to Florida. One of the movies that I really really wanted to get was "Return to Neverland" otherwise known as "The New Peter Pan" round these parts. Disney just put that film back in the vault not to be seen for a few years and I neglected to buy it.

So I rented that movie and a few others. I asked when I was checking out if I could just go ahead and buy "Return to Neverland" and the clerk informed me that I could NOT.


But I went on my way.
Then the next day, when I busted the movies out on the way to Florida...I noticed on my receipt it said,
Return to Neverland: Rental charge-$3.99
Buy it on April 1st for $19.99.
Well okay then. I will do that.

But I also rented Disney's Robin Hood.
Robin Hood: Rental Charge-$3.99
Buy it on April 1st for $3.99

What? $3.99?
And it said the same thing for Cinderella.
Wanna know how much Cinderella costs at Target? $19.99.
Same thing for Robin Hood.

I just went ahead and DID NOT RETURN THE MOVIES.

So future lesson learned. Buy all movies from the rental store that has to be going out of business. FAST. Also, the markup on those things must be unbelievable.

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