Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One More

Dear Facebook,

You are not Twitter.
Can you tell all my "friends"?



ellen said...

PLEASE! I made Tom read what you wrote about one of our friends twittering away on fb. I was thinking the same thing. Plus, it's impossible to read a twitter update because it's mostly @#%. Which is just about how I feel about it.

Amy said...

YES!!!! Thank you for this!
I don't really want to know EXACTLY what you are doing every freakin' second of the day. I wish someone would spread a virus through twitter

gooddog said...

For real. I just had to "lose" and couple of "friends" because their incessant status changes were all I saw!

Caroline said...

Love it! You know that you can now choose to hide all updates from certain "friends" - I have found it works nicely :)

robin said...

yeah, the only "friend" i have that links twitter to fb is *cough*espinosa*cough* .... i shall be looking into blocking his status updates. OBNOXIOUS.