Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You'll Remember

I don't know why this song just struck me so...but it is Patty Griffin. So you just never know with her song lyrics. Somedays they mean more than others. This is NOT a video, it is just her song with a static picture so that you can listen to the words.

I am sure that all of you can identify with the hope to move on from people that you ended badly with so that you can remember with fondness what did have with them. Maybe one day...

It takes a second once you click play for the music to play. Be patient.

Maybe one day along the way
You'll remember me on this island
Smiling at you how I used to
Maybe one day, you'll remember

And it won't be sad to think of all we had
All unhappy ends will be behind us then
Maybe one day along the way
You'll think of me, and you'll be smiling

Maybe one day, maybe one day
Maybe one day, you'll remember


Amy said...

i freakin' love Patty Griffin! great song :)

kelly hipsher said...

i love her too, great album!