Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Tip of the Year

Sometime ago, I read that if you text Google (466453) with something that you want to look up, they will text you back with the answer.

On our way into Columbia last week, Matt was trying to find the phone number for a golf course, he called 411 and they couldn't figure it out. I texted google with "Charwood Golf Course."
30 seconds later, they texted me back with the address and phone number.

It was really easy. I am pretty sure that Google is going to take over the world.

But it's okay to buy into that if it helps you out! Try it, you'll like it!


gooddog said...

too cool! i had no idea! hey, congrats on being under contract. do you have house in mind to move into? hope all is well!

Natalie H. said...

Hey Leslie, this is Natalie Bishop (Hickman) now. I've been reading your blog at all hours of the night since my daughter was born in April. I read blogs on my husbands blackberry while I nurse in bed. Excellent use of time :)I'm slowly starting a Blog myself, I really enjoy yours even at 3 in the morning! Your kids are super cute!Say hi to Matt. P.S. Do you know about 1 800 GOOG411? Its a free 411. I use it all that time. PPS I agree google is taking over the world!