Monday, July 14, 2008

Bus Trips

Since we got back last week from Saranac, I have had some time to reflect on our trip. We had a great time, but one of the funnier things that happened was, we let all of the kids get on and find their seats first. This resulted in all of the leaders sitting in the front of the bus. That is, all but one.

Poor Amy Berry was left to her own devices in the back of the bus, next to the boy who gave the great hair tip. Yes, poor Amy.

She sent Matt a text about 10 hours into the trip that read, "Hey, thanks Leaders in the front of the bus. I just woke up and my bus partner was brushing my hair. This trip is fantastic."

First off, it was funny that she sent us a text rather than coming up front to tell us.
Secondly, she is a few months pregnant and was on the trip with one high school girl and we let her be in charge of the back of the bus.
Third, waking up to anyone touching you on the bus is nasty. Someone brushing your hair? Creepy.

Texting is one of the best new inventions of the millenium. I am pretty sure that I could not be a leader without it. But on a bus trip? It was hilarious to see all of the kids texting each other, SEATS AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER.

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