Thursday, July 17, 2008

Put the Passi in the Trashy

Asher turned three a few weeks ago and we have begun to sense that Asher is a little more addicted to his pacifiers than ever before. He only uses them when he sleeps, but every now and then you can find him sneaking into his room to get a quick suck and then drops it and keeps going.

So, before his third birthday we began to talk up leaving his pacifiers behind in two-year old land.
We bought a book, "Pacifiers Are Not Forever" and we have been reading it. On the final page it says, "So put the passi in the TRASHY!"

Yesterday, Asher decided to do it. We did not prompt or push. He wanted to put the paci's in the trashies. So we let him, in the outside herbie curbie. As he walked away he said, "Bye Bye paci's, I love you."
He really did.

Then we moved on and played the rest of the morning. Lunch time came and went and then it was nap time.

He began to ask for his pacifier. We told him they were in the trash and they were all gone. You would have thought that we had shot his puppy in front of him and asked him to dig the hole to bury it. Crying is not the right word. It was weeping, mourning and gnashing of teeth. He actually tore his clothes (just kidding).

But he really did cry a little mournful cry for about two hours until he fell asleep. After his nap, he woke up and cried for another hour. We tried to make it better with popsicles and Peter Pan.

But then Matt and I had a date scheduled. Against my better judgement we went on that date. We told Asher if he went to bed without much crying, Matt would take him on date to Waffle House tomorrow morning.

He actually did it! He went to bed without crying a lot.

But then he woke up 45 minutes later having had an explosive pooping episode that was all over his back, feet and then the stairs. Our sweet friend, Kristen Ashton had to clean him, the stairs and then the bathtub.

Of course, there was no way that Asher was going to go back to sleep until Mommy and Daddy came home. When we walked in the door, he burst into tears and said he wanted to go to the Waffle House. Matt took him to bed and he fell asleep, eventually.

When he walked into our room at 5:30 this morning crying and wanting to go to Waffle House. I got up and went to sleep on the couch. I couldn't take the crying much more and this whole thing was Matt's idea, so I let Matt deal with it. Asher fell back asleep pretty quickly after I left the bed. He and Matt went to the Waffle House first thing this morning and hopefully, the pacifier will begin to be a dim memory.

Just a quick tip in hindsight. Walgreens has these pacifiers that have Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. Don't buy these for your children. It felt like Asher threw his childhood friends away when he had to put Elmo in the trash.


Michelle said...

Maybe we should start a 12-step program for children and parents to give up their paci addiction. Hope today's nap goes better!

erinshelton said...

WOW! Bless his poor heart. My friend just sent her daughter's pacis to heaven with balloons. You have to be creative with these little munchkins don't ya? Hope today is better. Thanks for the advice about the character pacis. So far, we can't get LM to take a paci. I guess I should count my lucky stars, except I don't think it is legal to cut off her hand when she turns 3 :)!

Miriam said...

oh leslie sloan you bring so much joy to my heart.
love you and your family and wish that we could be everyday friends...but your blog brings me much joy. Grayson loves his pacifier so I am sure we will be in the same boat in about 3 years.
We will be in Asheville in October and we better get to see you. love you friend.