Monday, July 14, 2008

New Topics of Discussion

I have been using my handy little moleskin notebook to write down a few topics that I believe are worth blogging about but I don't have the time for some reason.

Right now, I have some time to catch up on those topics and so I am going to be blogging like a mad person today with all of my rants.

First up? McDonalds.
I love McDonalds only for its convenience. But for today, I am going to talk about their kids meals. First off, Chick-Fil-A beats them any day with their sanitizer wipes, fruit cups, trade in the toy for free ice cream and the mother of all winners, the stick to the table place mat. But, sometimes it is Sunday and Chik-Fil-A ain't open on Sunday and so McDonalds is necessary.

But I want McDonalds to answer me on why they believe that caramel dip with apples is a healthy alternative to fries. More than that; I want to know why they would even put it the dadgum dip in the bag with my kids food. On top of that, I want to know why my husband thought that it was a good idea to let our 18-month old daughter to dip her CHICKEN into the caramel dip.

Lucy actually turned into a candy apple head before my very eyes without eating a single bite of chicken and instead just sucking the caramel off of the nugget and reapplying the caramel.

This happened before we passed our kids off to my parents for the week. My dad looked at me and said, "Does she always eat like this?" with fear and trembling. Nope. She sure doesn't. But she will if McDonalds makes it an option. Preeshiate that MACDONALDS.

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